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We got frustrated with valuable knowledge being fragmented over different platforms. Docbot is built to empower engineers to find solutions quicker.

Universal Search

Find untapped knowledge across your entire organisation.

The powerful shortcut, to quickly find what you need. Smoothly search through everything in a few taps.

Universal Search

Ticket Enrichment

Are your tickets a blank canvas? Not anymore.

Our AI powered ticket enrichment gives you all the context and documentation required for each ticket. Helping you ship faster.

Ticket Enrichment

Built to work with you

Docbot easily integrates with the tools you use on a daily basis. 
We understand that knowledge is spread across many different tools and platforms.

Docbot integrations
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Version control

Find knowledge buried in your code, Read Me's and pull requests, with support for GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.

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Knowledge management

Surface knowledge from Notion, Confluence and GDrive.

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Issue tracking

Slots into your workflow. Integrate with Jira, Linear and other project tracking tools.

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We support all major IDEs. Whether you prefer VSCode or IntelliJ, we don't take sides.

Work smarter, not harder

Scale your company, without growing your team

Everything in one place

Reduce the amount of time you spend searching for documents and other useful information

Deep work

Constant context switching kills your productivity. Find what you need quickly and retain your flow state

Unblock yourself

Never get lost searching through code. Find answers to your questions quickly

Supercharge your capacity

Less time spent answering common questions. Empower everyone to find answers easily

Ready to supercharge your knowledge stack?

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